I do quite a bit of recording work with various projects.  (and I'd be happy to talk to you about performing on yours.)  Here's a sampling of some fun things I've gotten to work on over the past few years.


The Dive Bar Dukes

​(EP) Fall, 2011


Hans Holzen: guitar/vocals

Melody: fiddle/harmony vocals

Peter Bitenc: bass

Bennett Sullivan: banjo

Joel Arnow: drums

'Girl Upstairs' by Peter Bradley Adams

'Pick it up' by Hans and Peter Bitenc

All others written by Hans.

Thanks: Myles Turney at Vanity Sounds and Bob at Sheriff Studios.

You can download the EP here.

​Back in the Fall of '12 I had a great time recording some sweet songs with Hilary Hawke and Abby Hollander. :-)  I sing lead on Shackles and alto on the other two.

Melody Allegra

Loggin' Man

Del Mccoury

​We Can't Be Darlins

Bill Monroe

Philly Demo   August '06

Melody: fiddle/vocals

Jen Schonwald:  harmonies

John Koutsouros: mandolin

Jeremy Darrow: bass

Bill Hangley: guitar

Keith Galle: banjo

Thanks: Peter Wroblewski at Tower Hill Records

and Ernie Tokay for mastering.​

Hang Me


Step it out, Nancy

Robin Williams and Jerome Clark


Bill Monroe

I'm Longing For a Love

Olabelle Reed

The Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia

Utah Phillips

Understand, My Man

Johnny Cash