I had an amazing time performing in Ring of Fire at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre in Indianapolis this summer! Here are a bunch of Review pull quotes I gathered to send to my Mom.


'Ms Berger is an extraordinary fiddle player- and she 'burns' her instrument on her featured appearance in the Act Two opening number'


'While all of the players are very talented and worthy of mention I would be remiss if I did not comment specifically on the fiddle playin of Melody Allegra Berger. She is the featured performer in the entreacte offering of the 'Orange Blossom Special.' Her rendition makes it clear why she is an award winning fiddler known nation wide.'


'Melody Allegra Berger's fiddling- and attitude- prove infectious.'


'One of the highlights occurs in the Second Act when fiddle player Melody Allegra Berger takes center stage and not only rips her way through the classic fiddle tune 'Orange Blossom Special' but belts out the vocals as well. At the song's conclusion, one of the ensemble points to a member of the audience and declares 'this guy here wants you to play the song faster.' Berger obliges, playing it in double and then triple time.'


'The show standout for me was Melody Allegra Berger. While the entire cast was on-point with audience interaction, musical styling, and old school soul, Melody simply hit it out of the park- well, theater. She was flawless. Watching and listening to her play the fiddle was unbelievable.'

'Award-winning fiddle player Melody Allegra Berger breaks a speed record and makes our jaws drop. (And she can SING too – wow!)'